Excede Internet FAQs

We have two Exede services available, depending on your region.

Exede12: a 12 Mbps downstream / 3 Mbps upstream service in the regions covered by our new ViaSat-1 satellite.
Exede5: a 5 Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream service for most of the rest of the nation.
Within each region, the service plans all have the highest speeds available and vary only by data allowance. To determine which service is available at your home give us a call today!

Yes. We believe that you should not have to pay extra in order to get the highest speed we offer. You buy the amount of data you need.
Exede high speed internet service is the culmination of a process that began in 2008 when ViaSat started construction on its next-generation satellite, ViaSat-1. The new technology delivers the most significant capacity leap in the history of satellite technology. Launched in October 2011, ViaSat-1 has more capacity than the rest of the communications satellites over North America combined, and is designed to serve over a million subscribers.

Essentially, we re-invented satellite internet.

To be honest, the effect of latency on satellite internet speeds has been exaggerated. Our satellites are in orbit a bit more than 22,000 miles above the Earth, but the speed of light is approximately 186,282 miles per second. The reason older versions of satellite Internet service were slow had more to do with the technology available at the time than latency.

That said, our new Exede service incorporates new, ground breaking web acceleration technology which dramatically speeds up page load times, minimizing the effect of latency. So in addition to the much higher speeds enabled by our high capacity satellite, you will experience a much snappier web browsing experience. The combination of ViaSat-1, our web acceleration technology, and all new home equipment make Exede Internet an incredibly enjoyable experience for our customers.

With the new Exede service, you can now enjoy the full extent of what the Internet offers:

Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer buffering delays
Better video chat with less jitter
Share more photos with friends and family
Download and stream music
Experience exceptionally fast web browsing and email
Connect multiple computers, smart phones, tablet devices and web-enabled TVs
We will continue to roll out enhanced services, such as VoIP, over time.